Ideate Networking Event Recap – January 2017

They say that third time’s a charm. I’ve never fully believed that until I had the opportunity to co-host my third ideate networking event alongside my business bestie, Jeanne.

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On Sunday, January 22, Jeanne and I brought together 15 amazing women who were so diverse yet alike in that we all share an innate passion for entrepreneurship.

Here are the details:

We collaborated with local business owner, Lesley-Ann Marcano to host the event in her beautiful stationery and gifts store, Paper Decorum. I initially discovered Paper Decorum on Instagram and immediately want to get to know Lesley. An email led to a 2 hour in-person conversation which led to her sponsoring our second event by providing motivational quote cards. When it came time to source a venue for our 3rd event, we knew Paper Decorum would be the perfect place.

The ladies arrived at 10 am and had the opportunity to mix and mingle with each other. Shortly after, we handed out the icebreaker activity to encourage more conversation and provide everyone with the opportunity to learn fun facts about each other.

After completion of the icebreaker, it was time to eat! We provided a tasty selection of food from local business Artisano (for sandwiches and salads) and Sweet Philosophy, who generously provided macarons and cupcakes. Oh and I cannot forget Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake which was the highlight! They are new to the Toronto area and their cheesecakes have been extremely popular. We’re so grateful for their contribution of a Sakura and a Green Tea Matcha cheesecake. Although I didn’t have any (I don’t like cakes, chocolates or ice cream – I know, I’m weird), I heard it was absolutely delicious!

We always start our events with introductions! We took time to go around the room so we could learn who everyone was, what they do and what inspired them to attend. I am always so fascinated by the projects that people are working on. From creating a stationery line to building an app to starting a line of shea butter, the ladies that attended were very business-savvy and have big plans for their lives.

And then it was time for the fun part – the DIY activity! We decided to create a DIY desk calendar since it is the start of a new year. I liked this activity not only because it is relatively quick and easy to put together but it was amazing to see everyone put their own unique spin on it.

After the DIY, we transitioned into mini-presentations. With the theme of this event being “New Year, New Brand”, Jeanne and I wanted to take the opportunity to have a discussion about personal branding and dressing well, respectively.

When we talk about about personal branding, the importance of personal style often gets forgotten. We chatted about some of the myths surrounding dressing well and what it really means to be a well-dressed woman.

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Jeanne did an excellent job of walking us through the steps involved in personal branding. It starts with a Google search to see what is being said about you and then defining what you want to be known for. From posting on social media to guest blogging to attending offline events, everything contributes to your personal brand!

Some exciting news: Jeanne is moving to the Cayman Islands! Due to her strong and authentic personal brand, she was recruited for her dream job – a marketing manager for a new resort!

Of course, there were lots of questions about the opportunity and the steps she took to build her brand online. Fun fact: her interviewer printed the interview I did with Jeanne for my Stylish and Successful series and brought it up during their interview!

The event ended with the opportunity to shop the Paper Decorum store with a 10% discount. With such amazing things in the store, it definitely was hard not to buy everything.

Overall, the event was wonderful but bittersweet knowing that it was Jeanne’s last event before her big move. Having each other as a business bestie allowed us to make our dream of starting a networking event series happen much sooner than expected. Our collaboration has created a much-needed space for ambitious and entrepreneurial women and although I am so sad that Jeanne won’t be nearby anymore, I’m looking forward to the future of these events!

A very special thank you to our photographer, Nancy Asante, for capturing this event! 

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