How to Fall in Love with Your Entire Wardrobe

Did you know that most people only wear 20% of their wardrobe, 80% of the time? I mean, think about it – we spend all this money to build out our wardrobe yet most of us tend to stick to our ‘tried and true’ pieces.

Does this sound like you? This may be happening for a number of reasons:

1 – You’re in a clothing rut

Deep down, you’re absolutely tired of the clothes in your wardrobe. You feel like you’ve worn everything a million times and you feel like you don’t have any good pieces anymore.

2 – Getting dressed gives you anxiety

You’ve never really spent the time figuring out what pieces and colours look best on you so as soon as you open your closet – you feel instant anxiety. You look around and you have no idea what to put on so you just grab the same ol’ items you wear all.the.time.

3 – Your clothing doesn’t fit your current lifestyle

Do you now work in a corporate environment but all your clothing is casual? Or perhaps the other way around? Maybe you only have a few pieces that are suitable for your everyday life and you haven’t yet spent time building out a wardrobe that’s a reflection of your current lifestyle.

So, how do you get to the place where you love your entire wardrobe again? The place where you open it up and from end to end, you feel good about the options you have and every single one is a potential candidate for today’s outfit?

Conduct a clothing audit

Go through your closet and ask yourself the following questions:

Do I even like this item?

Does it have any rips, tears or stains?

Have I worn this in the last 3 months? 6 months? 1 year?

Does it still fit?

Where can I wear this?

Do you like how this piece looks on you and makes you feel?

Does this item fit your current personal style?

A free printable of the clothing audit has been added to the resource library! Join the list and get the password so you can get your copy:

Shop your existing items

After you have gone through your wardrobe to figure out what you’ll keep, it’s time to shop your own wardrobe! Mix and match pieces that you currently own to rediscover why you bought those items in the first place – after all, there must have been something about it that compelled you to buy it! Play around with various outfit formulas so you can determine how versatile your pieces really are. Here’s one of my favourites. What’s great about it is that it can easily be transformed from an office look to a weekend outing look.

From work…

Black cardigan or blazer + black and white patterned top (polka dots, stripes, etc.) + coloured pants + black pumps (and of course, you can add a necklace to top it off!)

…to weekend!

Black and white patterned top + jeans + cute pair of flats (and of course, if you need an extra layer, you can add the black blazer!)

Don’t buy items just for one particular event

Do you find that you only go shopping when you have an event coming up? You then wear that outfit and it never sees the light of day again? Before you purchase something new, you should ask yourself two questions “Would I wear this outfit again?” and  “What else could I wear this with?” If you know that you would only get one wear out of it (unless it’s your wedding dress, of course), you may want to pass up on it and look for something that you’re get a lot of wear out of.

Stop following fashion trends – define your own style

If you’re diligently following along with new fashion trends, it’s no wonder that you’re tired of your wardrobe – it’s constantly out of style! As soon as a new trend is “in”, let’s face it…after a few months, it’s on to the next thing! So, how do you solve this? By defining your own unique and timeless style. A style that will always be stylish no matter what fashion week says.

You can get started in 2 easy steps:

1 – Create a style moodboard

Set up a board on Pinterest and get to work pinning outfits and clothing items that reflect the style you’re after. You can either set up separate boards for different outfits (i.e. work and weekend) or combine them into one.

2 – Evaluate your inspiration + create your style summary

After you’ve created your moodboard, it’s time to put together your style summary. Here’s mine as an example:

What adjectives would you use to describe your style?

Bright, chic, fun, classy

What do you think this style communicates about you? Is it positive?

Friendliness, happiness, confidence, elegance

What are the key colours of this style?

Pink, yellow, black, navy blue, white, grey

What are the key pieces that make up this style?

Patterned skirts, tailored blazers, striped shirts, coloured cardigans, dark denim jeans, patterned tops

What is a typical outfit formula for this style?

Patterned cardigan, neutral top, statement necklace + jeans

What accessories best complement this style?

Statement earrings and necklaces

What would I name my style?

Statement Chic

Remember, curating a wardrobe you love and look good in doesn’t just happen – it’s an art. It takes thought, time and planning to figure out your unique style and what outfit formulas look best. But once you do, you’ll find that you’ll feel better, look better and it will lead to a huge boost in your overall confidence.

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