5 Reasons Why You Need Outfit Formulas

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they put together such a stylish outfit?

It may seem as though they spent hours deliberating on each particular element of their outfit but truth is, some of the most stylish people simply have an outfit formula.

What’s an outfit formula? It’s a signature outfit that you feel most comfortable in and you know that each element suits you perfectly. You don’t even have to think about it – you slip it on and go!

Earlier in the year, I released an e-Book that shared 5 outfit formulas for spring and summer. They aren’t just any outfit formulas though – they are my personal, tried and true outfit formulas that I use on a weekly basis for work.

My typical work outfit formula usually looks a little something like this: Solid top + patterned skirt or pants + solid flats or heels.

I personally love this formula because it’s simple yet stylish as it allows me to make a statement through the skirt or pants that I wear. Knowing that this formula works for me, shopping trips are a breeze as I can easily pick out new items that fit into my signature style.

Here’s why you need to uncover your own outfit formulas:

Getting dressed becomes easier

If you’re someone that gets overwhelmed when you open your closet, this should be all the reason you need to spend time determining your outfit formulas. You’ll always know exactly what to wear and won’t even need to think about what items go together.

More daily outfit options

The great thing about outfit formulas is that each item can typically be mixed and matched with other items and they can easily be transitioned for various occasions!

outfit formula

Shopping trips become easier and faster

It’s always best to head on a shopping trip with a plan in mind – if not you end up aimlessly wandering the store and purchasing items that you’ll only wear once or not at all. When you know your outfit formulas, you’ll easily be able to pick out items that fit into your signature style. Don’t get me wrong – I love myself a trip to the mall but when you can save yourself some time, that’s always a good thing!

You’ll pack lighter for trips

Instead of packing 20 different shirts for a 3 day trip (I know a girl needs options but you don’t need that many), you can pack 2 and mix and match with different bottoms to achieve a completely different look each time. You’ll have way more space in your suitcase so you’ll avoid overweight fees plus have room for any purchases you make while away.

Remember, dressing well requires strategy. But, determining your outfit formulas is just one part of that. Being “stylish” is also very much about the confidence you exude and the way you pull everything together. Nothing you put on should every be random – dress with intent and you’ll never go wrong!


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