A Gift of Empowerment: Canada Learning Code Gift Card

It’s so easy to get caught up in the holiday season. From parties to decorations to family get-togethers, the month of December can be a little chaotic..so much so that we can sometimes get a little detached. But, we shouldn’t let that stop us from giving gifts with meaning. A gift that will have impact beyond the holidays – a Canada Learning Code gift card.

canada learning code gift card

Canada Learning Code is a national not-for-profit organization championing digital literacy education, working nation-wide and across all sectors to equip Canadians with technical skills. To date, the organization has taught over 80,000 learners through their programs, which are offered in over 30 cities across the country.  

They believe that digital skills are tools of empowerment. Their goal is to ensure that all Canadians – particularly women, girls, people with disabilities, Indigenous youth and newcomers – who have been historically underrepresented in the sector are given equal opportunity to build our future.

It’s projected that there will be a shortage of more than 200,000 information and communications technology (ICT) workers in Canada alone by 2020. Whether you know someone that is looking to build a career in the ICT industry or someone who could simply benefit from continuing their education through gaining coding skills, a Canada Learning Code gift card would be a really thoughtful investment in their future.

canada learning code gift card

Their workshops, courses and meetups are open to adults of all ages and genders but are designed to be a space where women explicitly are welcome to learn. Workshops cover everything from introductory HTML & CSS, to WordPress, Python, Ruby, artificial intelligence, web design and more. 

But, maybe you’ve been hearing about the value of coding skills and you’ve been considering taking a class? A Canada Learning Code gift card may be something worth adding to your wish list.

There are different denominations available for purchase at their Shopify Store: www.canadalearningcode.myshopify.com

The best thing about a gift like this? It’s great as a holiday gift (you avoid a trip to the mall and waiting for delivery) but it’s perfect for all year round – whether it’s for a birthday, graduation or even a thank you gift. Happy Coding!

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