Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship and Coworking: Work is Changing

Intrapra-what?! I know, Intrapreneurship is not a word that we hear about quite often yet it’s something that deserves a little more recognition.

An intrapreneur is someone who acts as an “inside entrepreneur” – driving innovation and creativity while working within an organization as an employee.

As job security continues to rapidly diminish, self-employment has become more lucrative as this lifestyle often promises benefits such as flexibility, the ability to be your own boss and choice of work. But, what if self-employment isn’t for you…or maybe it is, but you’re just not ready to take that leap? Becoming an intrapreneur is a very viable and valuable option.

work is changing

As I’ve learned through my personal experience (and possibly, you’ve experienced it yourself), work is changing. In order to prepare Canadians for these changes, Futurpreneur Canada has launched, an online content and resource hub with a goal of creating national awareness around employment and the value of entrepreneurship.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve partnered with Futurpreneur to write and create content on how the concept of “Work is Changing” has affected me and how Canadians can prepare themselves for the changing work landscape.

In my first guest post for Work is Changing, I decided to look at intrapreneurship and the many benefits that it has. As I shared in my post about my unexpected career journey, becoming an intrapreneur while employed at a 9-5 has helped me immensely as I begin this new chapter as a full-time entrepreneur. The most notable benefit? Confidence in my skills.

Read the full post here: Intrapreneurship – The Benefits of Working Like an Entrepreneur at Your 9-5

In my second piece for Work is Changing, I decided to not just look at how work is changing – but how where we work is changing. You may have noticed that new coworking spaces are opening all around the country and this is a trend that isn’t showing signs of slowing down. These spaces have become a haven for entrepreneurs who are looking to get work done in a creative environment and meet other like-minded individuals.

In partnership with Futurpreneur, on Thursday, December 7th, I hosted a Facebook Live interview with Rachel Kelly, Founder of Make Lemonade, a coworking space for women located in downtown Toronto. After a tour of her space, we sat down to chat about entrepreneurship, social media and her thoughts on the rise of coworking.

Work is Changing

To watch a replay of the Facebook Live interview, click here.

But aside from coworking spaces, we’re seeing an increasing number of Canadians working just about anywhere – at home, coffee shops and even shopping centres. In another guest post for Work is Changing, I took a look at the current coworking landscape in Canada, particularly looking at why coworking spaces have become an attractive option for Canadian professionals. Additionally, I chatted with a millennial couple who are prioritizing office space in their current search for a condo.

Read the full post here: Work (and Where we Work) is Changing

Outside of my work with Futurpreneur, entrepreneurship and coworking are two topics that I’ve become very interested in and I look forward to writing and sharing more content on these topics in 2018!


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