Want to Travel Differently in 2018? Try These 3 Tips.

Many times when we are stuck in an unfulfilling routine, confused about our life direction, or simply stressed out, we turn to travel as our escape. We think “I need a vacation!”, “I need to get away!”. Travel can be a chance to push restart and get refreshed. By immersing ourselves in a new environment away from our current situation, we can find the perspective to move forward and live a better life.

The problem is, we often go away without a plan to set ourselves up for a productive travel experience. By not being intentional with our travels we sometimes return home with a new found love for the place we travelled to, but feeling like we are right back in the same place in life as when we left. The trip was a temporary escape, without the epiphany we were hoping for.

travel differently

Goal setting is important not only for professional development but also for self-growth. We often look at people’s lives and think: #goals, but sometimes we aren’t intentional enough to set a direction to achieve our own goals. Setting Travel Focuses (goals) for your trip allows you to commit to actions that can lead you towards being a better version of yourself.

Use travel as your catalyst for change. Here are three simple steps for your next trip:

travel differently

  1. GET INTENTIONAL: What do you want to achieve on your trip?

We’ve met travellers seeking self-growth, but without a plan they found themselves side-tracked along their adventure and still worrying about their future. To ensure you arrive to your destination motivated and knowing where to start, set Travel Focuses before your adventure. Then brainstorm ways that you can explore your Travel Focuses for your upcoming trip.

We admit, setting goals is not always perceived to be enjoyable, but there are ways that you can have fun with it, especially when you’re in a new place! Break down your goals into small, actionable tasks. If your Travel Focus is to be more social and engaging in conversations, one thing you can try is talking to the person sitting beside you on the plane!

travel differently

  1. CHECK IN WITH YOURSELF: What have you tried so far?

Do you ever set New Year’s Resolutions and completely forget about them by the end of the year? (Confession: we have!) Avoid losing sight of the Travel Focuses that you set. During your adventure, stay motivated by writing down the things you’ve tried while travelling and the outcomes. It’s a great way to see your progress and ensure you stay committed. Did you end up striking up that convo with your airplane neighbour and how did it go?

travel differently

  1. REFLECT: What did you achieve on your trip?

Unpack, unwind, and set aside some time to reflect now that you’ve returned home. Your trip will be that much more memorable when you can look back and remember the valuable life lessons you learned in that place! Reflecting allows you to really absorb your lessons learned and get intentional with how you’ll implement them into your life going forward. Thinking back to your Travel Focus of being more social, maybe you learned that from sharing more stories about yourself, it makes people want to share their stories too!

Get ready for your next 2018 trip! Before you pack up and go on your next adventure, take some time to set Travel Focuses so you can have a productive trip! To get you started on setting your Travel Focuses, click here to download this helpful template!


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