Gary Vee’s Crushing It! Review: The Personal Branding Book You NEED to Read

Crushing It!

If you thought that the topic of personal branding was “overdone”, think again. Gary Vaynerchuk’s latest book Crushing It! is unique and refreshing as it highlights the stories of people who have found success after implementing Gary Vee’s principles and best practices. It’s a “fluff-free” book that has value from the very first sentence. If you’re not normally someone who highlights, adds sticky notes and/or writes in the margins – trust me, you may just start with this book.

The entire book is filled with actionable takeaways and helpful tidbits but here’s a recap of some of the key points I highlighted:

– You need to be smart and strategic about how you create and use your content

– Never be limited to just one platform or topic – constantly look for ways to create new successes so that you create a brand so powerful that it trancends platforms, products and even your passion

– The principles of personal branding are universal — the path is yours 

– Conferences offer unique business and networking opportunities that can boost your personal and business brand (there are at least 4 examples in the book of people that attended and benefitted from a particular speaker or people they networked with!)

– Figure out the best platform to showcase your true self 

– Passion is your backup generator when all your other energy sources start to sputter

– You need to constantly be in “do” mode 

– Develop high-quality native microcontent (don’t use the same content across multiple platforms)

– Create one big piece of pillar content that can be distributed into smaller bits of content

– Document, don’t create — let people learn who you are and watch as you develop into who you want to become 

— use Stories and FB live multiple times a day 

— You never know what you’re going to put out that inspires someone important to reach out to you

– Always be prepared for media opportunities (website, social media + products/services available for sale)

– It’s one thing to read the book; it’s another thing to take action!

– Breakthrough opportunities will be developed in two ways: smart use of hashtags and direct messaging is a top platform for tweens and young tweens 

– Unpolished content is native to Snapchat

– Snapchat is one of the most valuable for anyone whose brand is starting to scale — your competition is likely too reliant on Instagram

– Collaborations are the best way to grow a fan base quickly 

– Go wherever your audience goes, wherever that may lead

– YouTube has created more wealth and more opportunities than any other platform to date – it’s the most important platform for building a personal brand 

– Facebook is on-par with YouTube for personal brand building and wealth creation

– If you want to monetize your personal brand, you need a Facebook page

– Anyone wishing to build a personal brand should be on Instagram and use tactics like hashtags, collaborations, tagging and ads to gain awareness

– Biz dev (business development) through Instagram by sending DM’s to people to collaborate — search locations and top hashtags and investigate who would be a fit for your brand

– Podcasting allows people to effectively and efficiently maximize their knowledge 

– Best way to build a personal brand on a podcast platform? Produce the best content you can

– Voice-First is going to transform how the world consumes content — anyone building a personal brand needs to learn about it fast and early 

– There are two key players: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant 

– Through Alexa, you can create a Flash Briefing Skill (a short report offering users a key bit of information)

– Set up your own Flash Briefing Skill by recording one-minute versions of your existing podcasts, videos, livestreams, photos, etc.

Convinced you need to read it? Get your copy over on Amazon!

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