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How to Add Color To Your Wardrobe

We live in a world surrounded by colors. They are everywhere, yet many of us don’t incorporate them into our closets. It is no secret that color can trigger certain emotions, furthermore, color psychologists say your favorite colors can convey certain information about yourself. Additionally, with your wardrobe, colors (if chosen correctly) can make your skin glow, and can even visually correct your figure.

colors in your wardrobe

Why do most women avoid adding colors to their wardrobe?

Adding colors to your wardrobe can feel intimidating for a couple of reasons. You may not know what colors look best on you or perhaps you’re unsure of how to combine colors in your outfits. These common style issues are why many women often opt for a black, beige, gray and denim palette with (maybe) two or three colorful pieces. Let’s be honest – it is safe and easy to mix and match the basics but it can often be boring.

Ready to brighten up your wardrobe?

Understand YOUR colors

So how do you figure out what colors look best on you? You may have heard about the concept of  seasonal color analysis which assigns you specific colours for each season: spring, summer, autumn and winter. This method is based on your natural colors (undertones) within your body. Essentially, the most flattering colors on you are the ones that fit within your seasonal colors.

If you think your color choices will be very limited, no need to worry about that. You are provided with tons of colors to choose from and you might even be surprised that you can wear more colors than you thought.

Highlight your natural colors with your clothes

Here’s a stylist trick: select clothing that highlights the natural color of your eyes and hair. For example, let’s say you have blue eyes with a little bit of brown-yellowish pigment around the pupils. Besides shades of blue, you can also use shades of yellow and brown. If you have cool skin undertones, you can also use those same warm colors (yellow-brown and yellow) around your face in smaller proportions. For example, a pair of yellow earrings or a necklace will “light up” your eyes.

So once you know your colors, how do you pair them together? Color blocking.

Where to start

When putting an outfit together, start by choosing a focal piece – it can be any pattern or colour.

For example, take this skirt:

We see the pattern consisting of black, gray, white, beige, red, and little bit of light blue. So, the trick is to find the color that is used the least in the garment and repeat it somewhere else, such as a top, jacket, shoes, handbag, earrings or bracelet. It can be lighter or darker. Naturally, red, beige, black, gray and white accessories would look great with this skirt, too. You can go for a beige top and blue earrings or shoes. You can also go with burgundy shoes (if you look closer, this color is within the pattern, it just doesn’t pop up as much as the blue) and then a blue top and a brown bag.

colors in your wardrobe

Alternatively, it could be worn with black shoes and a top or even a brown jacket. It is always easy to start adding colors with accessories – you can wear them with any achromatic wardrobe. Achromatic colors are black, white, gray. Nude/beige colors are close to achromatic as well.

Tip: try to avoid using the same color in accessories (for example, blue shoes, purse, necklace and earrings); otherwise, it will look like you put too much thought into it. Your goal is to create an interesting, fresh, and sophisticated look.

You can use colors to correct your shape

Colors can not only make you appear younger and fresher, they also can be used to correct your shape.

The best way to correct some imperfections in your shape is to draw away attention from it to positive features of your body. The ideal body shape is known to be hourglass – it is when your shoulders and hips are basically the same size and your waist is well defined. Note, this doesn’t mean you should wear size 0 or 2. Shape type is not about size, it is about balance. Hourglass is a very rare shape. Even models rarely have it. However, any body shape can be visually balanced out using some styling tricks. And using colors for these purposes is one of the stylists’ tricks.

Let’s take a look at several figure correction examples:

Pear (Your hips are larger than shoulders)

Dark colors are known for slimming down the figure. However, if you wear dark colors from top to bottom, it may slim the figure but won’t balance out your shape. The trick is to wear a dark color at the bottom and then a light color at the top.

Personally, I have a pear shape, so below is an example of how I corrected it using colors. I used dark bottoms and a light top. I also added an eye-catching red cardigan with horizontal lines that visually widen my shoulders to bring them into balance with my hips. Red and white also draw attention away from my problem zone.

colors in your wardrobe

Besides that, the vertical lines contrasting between white and red visually made my figure appear taller, hence slimmer.

This combination works great for the fall/winter season. During the spring/summer season, I pair light bottoms with a bright or patterned top.

Apple (your shoulders are wider than your hips)

For this body type, you would do the opposite to a pear shape. Draw attention to your slimmer hips using either a lighter bottom/darker top, bright bottom/light top, or patterned bottom/light or dark top combination. Also, if your top contrasts with the bottom and the line drops on the widest part your hip, it visually makes your hips appear wider. Thus, your hips look balanced with your shoulders.


If you want to give the appearance of a slimmed down figure, create vertical color lines with a cardigan and a top of contrasting color.

To make your figure taller

Besides vertical colors, lines and heels, there is another trick that stylists use to visually add an inch or so of height. Use the same accent color for your shoes, scarf or hat.

Those are just few tricks that you can try! Don’t be afraid to experiment and let more colors into your wardrobe!

Repeating Outfits: 7 Millennial Women Weigh In

The act of repeating outfits gets such a bad rap. Do a quick search on Google and you’ll see a number of articles featuring serial repeat offenders such as Kate Middleton (yes, it’s true) that analyze her choice to re-wear her dresses multiple times.

So, the question is – should we really be repeating outfits? Is this a fashion faux-pas or is it actually the smart thing to do?

repeating outfits

Photo credit: Stylish Petite

Personally? I’m definitely guilty of it and I enjoy it! I may not always wear an outfit the exact same way every single time I wear it – but I truly do enjoy getting creative to make it look different. For example, I may wear a top with different bottoms, layer a blouse underneath a dress or add some fun accessories to make the outfit look like it’s brand new!

You can repeat an outfit without looking like you’re repeating an outfit.

It’s true – you have the power to transform your outfit in any way that you choose. You can add accessories, wear different shoes, swap out a skirt for pants (or vice versa) and although the basics of the outfit may be the same, you can achieve a completely different look! These are the basic principles of a capsule wardrobe (which hasn’t been covered here yet but will be soon!) as you simplify your wardrobe to just a few pieces and then mix and match to achieve different looks every time.

I decided to turn to the DWDW community via Instagram for their thoughts on the matter:

@chiconwallst says: With the economy we’re in, repeating outfits are essential! But there are ways to repeat pieces without others knowing. Wearing a blouse with a different bottom or even layering items to change the look. I’m a proud outfit/item offender!

@lawyerdmag says: Love this idea! My take: i’m all for repeating outfits, but like good food and music, you just hit em with the remix!

@inasequoia says: I have a capsule wardrobe. I love it. And I’m essentially forced to repeat outfits regularly.

@summerxskin says: GUILTYYY of repeating outfits and don’t regret it one bit. Although if I can, I try to mix it up with a different bag, shoes or jewelry! I used to buy a new outfit for every occasion whether it’s a party, dinner or even a random outing. Now I stick to quality pieces that I can mix and match and be happy to have in my closet for a longer period of time.

@nikitarenay says: Yess! I do it all the time, I think smart shoppers purchase staple items they can mix and match!

@anne.tega says: A while back I read that Ariana Huffington advocated for repeating outfits (a la Steve Jobs & Mike Zuckerberg). I posted this idea to my friends and followers here on Instagram, and though it was a unanimous “Hell no!”, everyone had their own reason for saying no. For me, dressing up and mixing up my work outfits (by way of remixing how old pieces are styled and/or buying new pieces) adds an excitement to work life. A new/renewed outfit adds a certain jubilance to an otherwise dull day.

@teal.tat says: It’s good, because by repeating outfits we are going against what fast fashion wants us to. It’s environmentally conscious and at the end of the day, most folks are too concerned with themselves to realize that you’ve repeated an outfit. I don’t notice when people repeat outfits. We should all strive to get the most wear out of our clothes before tossing them to the back of the closet and later donating them where they either get sold or put into landfill. 

@ktetylr_ says: I try to avoid repeating exact outfits and instead pull bits and pieces from past ensembles to create a new look! Cause nobody has time to pull a Lizzie McGuire #NotAnOutfitRepeater

@AdrienneEm says: I do my best to switch it up as much as possible but honestly, sometimes an outfit needs to be repeating. I’m also quite conscious of how much $$$ I drop on clothes, so sacrifices must be made!

Looks like the verdict is clear! As much as we’d all like to have an endless amount of money, it’s safe to say that most of us don’t have that luxury which means we can’t afford to replace our wardrobe items after only one wear. In other words, we have no choice but to become repeat outfit offenders.


What are your thoughts on repeating outfits? Smart idea or fashion faux pas?


Why I’m Participating in Dressember 2017 (And You Should Too!)

For all of my life’s proudest and most memorable moments, I’ve worn a dress.

My university graduation.

My wedding.

My first public speaking gig. 

Call me a “girly girl” all you want but dresses have always made me feel confident and powerful. But unfortunately, there’s many women around the world that currently do not have the opportunity to experience such moments.

So when I was invited to become an advocate for the Dressember campaign, it was a no brainer.


According to the International Justice Mission, “there are more than 40 million people in slavery today”. That’s a large, scary number. But, through reclaiming the symbol of a dress, we can begin to bring more awareness to slavery and sex trafficking industry, ultimately dismantling it and restoring the dignity of the many female victims worldwide.

Here’s a little background on the campaign:

In 2005, Blythe Hill began to learn about the issue of sex trafficking but wasn’t exactly sure what she could do to help. At the time, she was a fashion blogger and wanted to come up with a way to leverage her fashion background to make a difference. She challenged herself to wear a dress every single day in December (coining the name ‘Dressember’) and year after year, more friends and then friends of friends began to join in until it developed into a full-fledged collaborative movement, leveraging fashion and creativity to restore dignity to all women.

Amazing, right? Well, here’s how the campaign works:

From December 1 – 31, each woman that participates pledges to take on the creative challenge of wearing a dress. No, skirts do not count – a full dress each and every day in the month of December. You also sign up on the Dressember website to create your own fundraising page that brings attention to your personal campaign and allows you to raise funds based on a fundraising goal that you set.

The funds are then put towards efforts such as relief, recovery and resources for the victims. After-care and rescue operations require the most funding as of course, it takes an extensive amount of time and money to safely free victims and provide them with the long-term care they need to restore their health and dignity.

How you can show your support

There are two ways that you can participate:

1) Commit to wearing a dress every day in December and create your own fundraising campaign

This is what I’ve opted to do and you can view my fundraising page here. My goal is to raise a minimum of $350 – let’s make it happen! I’ll be sharing my dresses on social media everyday (you should too!) so be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. A few hashtags that you should use are: #IJM #IJMCanada #ItsBiggerThanADress #Dressember #UntilAllAreFree

To learn more and to sign up, click here.

2) Advocate and donate

Maybe you’re not up for the creative challenge of wearing a dress for 31 days this year but you can still show your support by spreading the word about the campaign and donating whatever you can to this important initiative. Every single dollar counts.

*Please note: Dressember is an organization based in the US and as a result tax receipts cannot be issued for Canadian donations.


How I’m preparing for it

31 days of dresses? Now, that’s certainly a creative challenge! It may sound like it will be difficult (especially if you’re located in a cold climate like I am) but interestingly enough, I find that I actually wear more dresses in the winter! There’s nothing I love more than layering a dress with my trusty pairs of fleece-lined tights. I’m really looking forward to this challenge to not only become a Dressember advocate but as a personal challenge to see how creative I can get with my wardrobe. You don’t need 31 different dresses to get through Dressember – just a few (I say anywhere between 5-10 is good) that you can add layers and accessories to in order to create a unique look each time you wear them.

These are the items that I consider to be essential for this challenge:

  • A few pairs of fleece-lined tights (you can typically pick these up at a store like Winners or Marshalls (probably Target too, for my US friends) or even your local drugstore (Canadians – I’ve picked them up at Shoppers Drug Mart before). Basically, you can look at any store where you can get tights.
  • A few pairs of coloured tights (I currently have a light pink and dark pink pair but I plan to pick up a few more colours from Charming Charlie to add to my collection)
  • Earrings and necklaces
  • Turtlenecks
  • Striped tops

If you have all of these already – you’re good to go! If not, I recommend taking advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals coming up so that you can stock up on any additional items.

Yes, the issue of sex trafficking and slavery is bigger than a dress but we can certainly use a dress to make a difference. I hope you’ll join me in making it happen. 


Note: This post is not sponsored – I was invited to learn more about the campaign and ultimately made the decision to become involved. I’m not receiving compensation for this and all thoughts shared are my own. 

Photography by Gooseberry Studios.

Why Every Woman Needs a Pair of Rescue Flats

“Give a woman the right shoes and they can conquer the world.”

Marilyn Monroe was definitely correct but if there’s anything I’ve learned – the right pair of shoes does not always mean the most comfortable.

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve had to deal with uncomfortable shoes. They end up being too tight, rubbing against the back of my foot or after being in them for too long…I want nothing more than to kick them off.

To listen to an audio version of this blogpost, click below!

But, what happens if we’re out and we don’t have any other shoes to change into? This has happened to me one too many times and I know I can’t be the only one. You know the feeling – let’s say you’re at a networking event where we should be concentrating on networking yet all we want to do is nurse our feet? At a wedding and we so badly want to break it down on the dance floor yet our heels hurt way too much – so we either go barefoot or sit down (side note: my wedding heels lasted all of 10 minutes before I kicked them off and never ever put them on again to this day).

My point is, we have so much to do and accomplish yet sometimes our shoes can really stand in the way of this. How can we get a comfortable and compact pair of shoes that can save us in these situations?

Well, that’s a challenge that Rescue Flats took on and have succeeded. Their flats are the “world’s most comfortable emergency shoe” and trust me when I say, you don’t just want a pair of these – you need them.

rescue flats

rescue flats

The flats are super compact making them very easy to slip into a bag, clutch or even a desk drawer. Personally, I now keep a pair in my car and my handbag so I can always have a pair nearby. They also come with a handy shoe bag so once you change out of your uncomfortable shoes, you can carry them stylishly instead of dumping them straight in your handbag.

But aside from an awesome product, I love the story behind how Rescue Flats was created. Here’s a little excerpt from the Founder, Sarah:

“Rescue Flats started back in 2012 when I was at home on maternity leave with my second child.  One year later my sister-in-law, Jeni joined the team and things really started to take off. Today, we have grown to a fantastic team of 5 and still design all of our products from our home offices in Stony Plain, Sherwood Park and Calgary, Alberta. We have warehouses in Vancouver and Pennsylvania and are proud to sell our Canadian-designed products all over the world! To date Rescue Flats has sold over 200,000 pairs of flats for weddings across the world including: Canada, the United States, England, Australia, Sweden, Ireland and United Arab Emirates.”

Amazing, right?! Their success highlights exactly how important comfortable flats are in our everyday life. But, Rescue Flats are more than just flats – they are an inspiring company created by awesome Canadian female entrepreneurs:

“For us it starts with helping women get back on their feet with a pair of incredibly comfortable Rescue Flats. But that is just the beginning. In everything we do, we aim to empower women. From the exceptionally talented women we hire to the charities we support, we are focused on empowering women to be the best they can be. We are on a personal and professional journey to define success for ourselves as women, mothers, friends, entrepreneurs and leaders. When women support each other, we can accomplish amazing things.”

rescue flats

Each box set comes with 5 small, 10 medium and 5 large pairs which means that you end up with a whole lot of flats! Here are three things that you can do with them:

  • Hosting a holiday party? Provide your guests with the opportunity to swap out their boots or heels for a pair of flats
  • Don’t forget to put a pair in your bag as you head to holiday parties and events this season!
  • Give them away as gifts (or stocking stuffers!) to family, friends and colleagues

What will I be doing? I’m definitely giving the gift of comfort to some ladies in my life and that includes 5 lucky readers! I’ve partnered with Rescue Flats to give away 5 pairs.

Here’s how to enter: Follow @rescueflats on Instagram, follow me @dowelldresswell on Instagram and comment on my photo with your shoe size. Contest is open from November 21 at 8am EST to November 26 at 9am EST – open to those in Canada and the US only.

I don’t know about you but I’m over being stuck in painful heels. After all, it’s a little hard to do well and dress well without a comfy pair of shoes on your feet 😉


Thank you to the Rescue Flats ladies for partnering with me on this post.


Chanele’s Check-In: October 2017

In October, I:

But, I was disappointed that:

  • I still haven’t figured out how I want to create my coaching/mentorship program
  • I haven’t worked on my plan for continuing my networking events

To listen to an audio version of this post, click below!

Books I read:

In November, I’m looking forward to:

  • Attending the Girlboss Rally in NYC on November 11th
  • Launching my holiday content on the site
  • Writing freelance pieces for other outlets
  • Celebrating my birthday on November 30th!

October was an interesting month. In October, we’re really in the middle of fall but I think it’s when it also really hits me that we’re fast approaching the end of another year. This year, I found myself getting really reflective (more than usual, I should say) as I began to review the year in my head and evaluate whether I was happy with what I was able to achieve.

For the most part, yes, I was happy but there were a few things that I said I would do that I hadn’t done yet. So, I made a list of the remaining items and instantly made an action plan.

The launch of Do Well Dress Well Audio

This was the first thing on the list because it’s an idea I’ve had for so long and to be honest, it is pretty easy to do. I kept procrastinating mainly because I feel a little self-conscious about my voice (although I’m quickly getting over that because of all your nice compliments!) and also, I felt like I needed to have all of the fancy podcasting tools. But on one evening, I just used what I had (my iPhone headphones), recorded my first audio blogpost and taught myself how to edit on Garage Band. I was really nervous about putting it out there but I’m glad I did and the experience has made me more confident. It’s not yet at the quality I would love it to be but I will continue to get better – I’ve also put a podcast microphone on my holiday wishlist so I can’t wait to go into 2018 (and beyond!) with it! If you haven’t listened to them yet, please head over to my Audio page and give it a listen!

I read more books this month than usual

As I write this, I’m realizing that I had more time to reflect because it was the first month in the while where I had a lot of free weekends. I’m not complaining though because it was so nice to just sleep in and get things done at my leisure. I decided that I wanted to use this newfound free time to catch up on reading so I ordered the three books I mentioned above. I wrote a full book review on Braving the Wilderness but in a nutshell, I loved that book. I read it within 1 day. I then moved on to Entrepreneurial You, a recommendation from Cubicle Chic. I haven’t reviewed that in full yet but it has given me the insight I need to continue building Do Well Dress Well into a sustainable business. There’s no fluff in this book – just actionable tips on how to monetize your expertise. I’m now on The Power of Moments and it’s such a good read. Once I finish it, I’ll add a review to my 2017 Book Recommendations post.

I found out I’m an…ambivert?!?

So when I attended the networking event in mid-October, J.Kelly Hoey talked about the fact that she’s an ambivert. Honestly, before that date, I had never heard of it so I made a note to look it up on my way home. On the Quiet Revolution website (created by the author of the book, Quiet – I haven’t read it yet but it’s on my list!), you can take a quiz to find out if you’re an ambivert. Well, ladies, I am an ambivert and I feel like my life has been changed.

As you know, I’ve always identified myself as an introvert. I’ll never be the most talkative person in the room and I really enjoy time alone. But over the last few years, I’ve been able to confidently do things that are very unlike most introverts. For example, I occasionally do public speaking which I enjoy. I host networking events and I almost always attend other networking events alone. Sure, I get a little nervous beforehand but never to the point where I’m too afraid to do it. Anyways, I feel really good about my new-found personality type because I believe it’s something that I was able to change on my own through starting Do Well Dress Well. I was definitely an introvert before I launched but 2 years later, I’ve made it to the middle of the introvert/extrovert spectrum.

I’m planning for next year and I need your help!

To completely change the subject – I’ve started my content planning for 2018 and although I can get a good sense of what you like and not like from my analytics and comments from social media, I’d love to hear feedback from you directly. I’ve decided to create my first ever Reader Feedback Survey! It will only take you a few minutes and it will ensure that the content I create speaks directly to your needs and interests. It’s anonymous so please be open and honest. I’d really appreciate it!

Want to fill it out now? Click here.

Until next month,


Note: The book links provided above are affiliate links for which I may receive a small commission.

10 Fall Essentials You Need in Your Wardrobe

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love putting together outfits in the fall. “Sweater weather” is such a cozy time as we can get creative with layers, while pairing pieces from our summer wardrobe to extend their wear a little further.

fall essentials

However, it can be easy to get caught up in the fall shopping frenzy. With cute jackets, sweaters and booties everywhere we turn, it’s hard to restrain ourselves. In an effort to save a little money and challenge myself to be more creative, I purposely limited my new fall purchases. Instead, I wanted to focus on curating a fall wardrobe that I could build tons of different outfits with that would take me from work to weekend with ease.

Click below to listen to an audio version of this post!

Want to strategically upgrade your wardrobe for fall? Here are the 10 Fall essentials you need in your wardrobe:

  • Embroidered jeans
  • Cropped coloured jacket
  • Black and white striped shirt
  • Sweater dress
  • Black booties
  • Patterned tights
  • Coloured dress shirt
  • Leather skirt
  • White bell-sleeve top
  • Long, cozy cardigan

fall essentials

Want some more inspiration to build a sustainable fall wardrobe? I asked two of my favourite style bloggers to tell me one item they can’t live without in their fall wardrobe:

“A killer pair of jeans! Living in Michigan, fall seems to be our shortest season before the REALLY cold weather hits! That’s when I make sure that my jean game is strong with a variety of styles {skinny, wide leg, distressed} and colors {dark wash, black, green} to create a cohesive fall wardrobe.”

Kherington from Currently Kherington

“One of the staple pieces in my Fall wardrobe are definitely my Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots in black with a heel (“Highlands”). Despite how much coverage they give (especially for a shoe!), they’re extremely easy to style, and make those days where you’re wearing lots of hats (student, retail employee, blogger, and human being that socializes) a lot easier in terms of putting together a “one-size-fits-all” outfit. A shoe that can be styled both dressy and casual, it makes picking what to wear on your feet super easy.”

Ella from Ella Voyage

What’s your favourite item in your fall wardrobe?

Chanele’s Check-In: August 2017

In August, I…

Books I Read:

  • The Hate U Give (review coming soon!)

In September, I’m looking forward to…

  • Renewing my sense of focus
  • Being featured in a campaign by one of my favourite brands
  • Celebrating my 2 year wedding anniversary
  • Shooting some fall outfit photos
  • Finishing up my User Experience Design course

Expectations and disappointments

They say August is a month of new beginnings. After all, it’s the month before “back to school” so it’s no wonder many of get excited for the impending fresh start.

I’m one of those people. As soon as August hits, I start to get into “refresh mode” – almost like a second opportunity to start new and crush my goals for the rest of the year. So like any other year, I had set goals and expectations in August and got some amazing opportunities that initially aligned with said goals and then…they fell through.

Was I upset? Come on, you should know better than to ask. If you’ve been following along with my check-in posts each month, you know that crying is typically my default reaction to anything. Happy? Cry. Sad? Cry. Frustrated? Cry. That’s me in a nutshell.

But after that initial disappointment, I actually felt kind of empowered (and happy – but more on that later). Through that experience, I spent a lot of time self-analyzing and realized that I have this tendency to set my expectations way too high. I realized – if I try to get better at managing my expectations, the disappointment won’t hurt as much. 

My thing has always been that if I don’t set high expectations it may come off as me being negative and I typically like to be very optimistic. More often than not, I give people the benefit of the doubt – are you like this too? 

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately especially as I get older and realize how society contributes to these expectations. Go to school, work hard, get a job, get married, etc. etc. It’s all supposed to be easy peasy. But not often do we stop and think about whether we’re trying to live by our own expectations or those that other people have for us. Which leads me to my next point of discussion…

“So, when are you going to work on DWDW full-time?”

That my friends, is one of the most commonly asked questions that I get. Like all.the.time. 

And for the longest time, my response would be “Soon!” and I would give some sort of timeline. 

The thing I never stopped to think about though is – I actually don’t mind working. In fact, I’m pretty good at it. For my day job, I work in digital marketing and communications. Even as I start to really figure out what particular things I like and don’t like, I’m enjoying this phase in my career. 

All of this to say – I want to keep working, as much as I can because the experiences that I gain through my career have helped fuel Do Well Dress Well. It’s where I get 90% of the inspiration for new blogposts and it’s what I hope makes me somewhat credible when I share my career advice with you. 

I mentioned being happy about the opportunities falling through. Well, the experience has allowed me to regain focus and reevaluate what my goals are. It has empowered me in ways I haven’t felt before and that makes all the disappointment worth it.

But wouldn’t you love more time? 

Oh, absolutely. But I’ve also had a chance to reevaluate how I’m spending my time and I’ve realized that I can be much more efficient. So why give myself more time when I’m not being fully productive with the time I do have? Full-time entrepreneurship is not for everyone nor do you have to rush to get there. Respect and trust the process and do things when you’re ready – not when other people tell you that you should be.

I went back and forth on whether or not I should post this. That’s why I’m publishing this a lot later in the month than usual. But I decided to go for it because I know I’m not alone and I hope that through my openness, it encourages you to find the silver lining in any disappointment. You’re awesome and the opportunities that are meant for you will never pass you by. 

Until next month,


5 Reasons Why You Need Outfit Formulas

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they put together such a stylish outfit?

It may seem as though they spent hours deliberating on each particular element of their outfit but truth is, some of the most stylish people simply have an outfit formula.

What’s an outfit formula? It’s a signature outfit that you feel most comfortable in and you know that each element suits you perfectly. You don’t even have to think about it – you slip it on and go!

Earlier in the year, I released an e-Book that shared 5 outfit formulas for spring and summer. They aren’t just any outfit formulas though – they are my personal, tried and true outfit formulas that I use on a weekly basis for work.

My typical work outfit formula usually looks a little something like this: Solid top + patterned skirt or pants + solid flats or heels.

I personally love this formula because it’s simple yet stylish as it allows me to make a statement through the skirt or pants that I wear. Knowing that this formula works for me, shopping trips are a breeze as I can easily pick out new items that fit into my signature style.

Here’s why you need to uncover your own outfit formulas:

Getting dressed becomes easier

If you’re someone that gets overwhelmed when you open your closet, this should be all the reason you need to spend time determining your outfit formulas. You’ll always know exactly what to wear and won’t even need to think about what items go together.

More daily outfit options

The great thing about outfit formulas is that each item can typically be mixed and matched with other items and they can easily be transitioned for various occasions!

outfit formula

Shopping trips become easier and faster

It’s always best to head on a shopping trip with a plan in mind – if not you end up aimlessly wandering the store and purchasing items that you’ll only wear once or not at all. When you know your outfit formulas, you’ll easily be able to pick out items that fit into your signature style. Don’t get me wrong – I love myself a trip to the mall but when you can save yourself some time, that’s always a good thing!

You’ll pack lighter for trips

Instead of packing 20 different shirts for a 3 day trip (I know a girl needs options but you don’t need that many), you can pack 2 and mix and match with different bottoms to achieve a completely different look each time. You’ll have way more space in your suitcase so you’ll avoid overweight fees plus have room for any purchases you make while away.

Remember, dressing well requires strategy. But, determining your outfit formulas is just one part of that. Being “stylish” is also very much about the confidence you exude and the way you pull everything together. Nothing you put on should every be random – dress with intent and you’ll never go wrong!


How to Wear a Jumpsuit at Work

Dressing for work in the summer can be difficult. It’s hot outside yet cold inside (why do offices insist on blasting A/C?) so finding the right outfit that will keep us cool yet professional can be a challenge.

Enter the jumpsuit.


I’ve always been a fan but quite honestly, it never crossed my mind to wear it to wear until I found the right one. This one-piece wonder has changed the way I think about summer work attire (I typically stick to dresses) and has made getting dressed so much quicker. Anything that allows me to get even 5 extra minutes of sleep in the morning is a win in my books!

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when wearing a jumpsuit at work:

Find a professional fit

Jumpsuits come in all different shapes and styles. From cold shoulder to side-cutouts, the options are pretty much endless. Take the time to find one that has a sleek, professional look – one that isn’t shorter than just above your knee, fits well and isn’t revealing.


Add the right layer

Still not sure about whether you can make the jumpsuit work for work? Add a layer. Whether it’s a cardigan or a blazer, you’ll find that this extra piece will instantly take your professionalism up a notch. Plus, it almost makes it look like you’re wearing two separate pieces!


Like any piece of clothing, there’s always an accessory that can add the perfect finishing touch. A great pair of earrings or a necklace can be exactly what you need to showcase more of your personality.


There’s something about a jumpsuit that instantly makes you look put together. Take your work style up a notch by incorporating a jumpsuit and you’ll find that you’ll transition from work to play with ease!

Jumpsuit: Ann Taylor

Heels: Call it Spring

Photography by Gooseberry Studios