Clothes are not just clothes.

They are physical items that have the power to speak for you and create a lasting impression.

What kind of impression would you like to make when you walk in the room?

My mission is to help you develop a personal style that exudes your personality and professionalism all while making a memorable statement.

Because when you make a statement with your physical appearance, especially your accessories, you’ll find that it will help you during your job search and networking.

Investing in my ‘dress well’ services will show you how to dress with intention and discover the signature pieces that can become an essential part of your personal brand. I’ll leave you looking and feeling good and you’ll find that people will be giving you compliments everywhere you go whether it’s at a networking event, the office or simply walking down the street.

After all, a compliment is the perfect segue into starting a conversation, making a connection and building your network.


Here’s how I can help you:


After a 30-minute personal consultation, I will put together a list of staple items you should include in your closet and a collage of outfit inspiration for you to look for on your next shopping trip.



Well-Styled 1

Have a special event coming up that requires a remarkable outfit? I will construct your outfit from head to toe by accompanying you on a shopping trip (must live in the Greater Toronto Area).

  • Special event outfit styling for an interview, party, presentation or business travel
  • Creation of an outfit(s) including shoes and accessories
  • Guidance during our 2-hour shopping trip to pick out an outfit that communicates the right message

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $40/outfit (more than 3 outfits: $35/outfit)


Well-Styled 2

A 30-minute consultation via phone or Skype to discuss an outfit that will work for your specific occasion. I will also provide you with an outfit inspiration board to guide you as you look through your closet and/or go shopping.

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $25/outfit (more than 3 outfits: $20/outfit)



Have a photoshoot coming up and want to ensure your personal brand shines through? Hire me to help you get organized so that your brand and personal style is clear to everyone who comes across your photos.

  • 30 minute consultation to discuss your vision and branding
  • Creation of a moodboard that highlights your personal brand colours, outfit ideas and potential shots
  • Development of 3 outfit ideas that fit your personality, including shoes and accessories
  • Attendance at your photoshoot to assist with on-site styling and assistance

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $100 + $35/outfit 



Are you ready to start looking your best in the office? Work with me to construct a work wardrobe that makes you look and feel good – letting everyone in the office know you mean business.

  • 30 minute consultation to discuss your style
  • 2 hour wardrobe audit via Skype (includes documentation of outfits from existing clothing)
  • List of recommended purchases to upgrade your wardrobe




Are you a recent grad that is looking to revamp your wardrobe as you transition from student to young professional? This two-hour service will allow me to audit your current wardrobe and help you create various outfits that will work for your new lifestyle.

  • 2 hour Wardrobe audit via Skype
  • Creation of 4 outfits + documentation
  • List of recommended purchases to upgrade your wardrobe

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $75 + $35/outfit

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